martedì 30 agosto 2016

FAIDAR - Description and Download

FAIDAR is a beta version of a complete MUGEN Game, developed by me in almost a month of hard work.
It features 8 selectable characters. These characters are completely original, based on the concept of many existing characters of famous series. Each character has basically the same set / number of moves but different gameplay and style. They were designed and rendered on Blender, adjusted with Gimp and Paint Shop Pro, then coded with MCM (Mugen Character Maker) and Notepad.
Any character has its own stage which is also the background feautured on my artworks.
Each stage has its own soundtrack, completely original, composed on Linux Multimedia Studio and recorded with Cool Edit Pro 2. Some of those tracks are also listed on my music page.

Here are some screenshots of the game

The name Faidar is inspired by the Italian word "Faida" which means "Fight". I wanted to use a name which reminded to games like Tenchu, Tekken, Tobal, etc...
As you can see here, the game only features Arcade mode.
There were some coding errors I couldn't manage at first, then I decided that the game itself would have been good enough for a "casual gaming session".
Any way, MUGEN users know how to export characters and stages, so the characters and the stages are exportable to the user's own MUGEN collection. The other "problem" is versatility: the game is Beta MUGEN (WinMugen) version. Each MUGEN user can selectively convert the SFF of each element to a newer/ higher version of MUGEN (such as 1.0 and 1.1). The game is totally free. You don't have to pay for it (it's a MUGEN Community Standard).

Here is the roster of the game, it was designed for 1 player play, so the instructions can be read on the right side.
There is no real story mode, meaning there is no "boss" actually any character can be difficult to play against according to the player (sometimes Koan becomes the hardest to beat, sometimes just another character).
Each character is styled according to some stereotypical aspect of fighting games, for example: there are quick characters, weird characters, female characters, grapplers, slow but strong characters, etc.

The stages have been rendered in Blender too.
They have a more stylized/textured look than characters which are texture-less, just plain solid colors. It was curious choice, I guess I've done this to make the game obtain more originality.
Some have confronted the game with the style of Alone in The Dark. They were not so wrong, but actually I never played that game, the games which I've been inspired of were: Virtua Fighter, Killer Instinct, Street Fighter, Kof, Real Bout Fatal Fury and other classics. But you're free to see any reference to any existing game.

You can download it here: GAMES PAGE

or by clicking at the link at the bottom of this post.

If you want to host the game on your site/host, please put the link of my Games Page on your download page, instead. Thanks.

As MUGEN standard, this game can't be sold.

That's enough, folks! Have a good game!